Save Energy by Cleaning Your Dryer Vents – House to Home Inspect Colorado

Save Energy by Cleaning Your Dryer Vents – House to Home Inspect Colorado

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Do your home a favor by cleaning your dryer vents. The dryer "vent" does not only refer to the partof the appliance where you can see lint. It also refers to the ductwork in your home. The dryers most prone to dangerous plug-ups are those located in the center of the house, with lengthier duct systems and more opportunities for clogs.

 · Cleaning your dryer vent isn’t difficult, and it should be on your regular home maintenance list. According to the Consumer Energy Center, clothes dryers are typically the second highest energy.

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Kevin Greco, owner and operator of A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections. burn out your dryer, taking longer to dry your clothes while using more electricity.” “Plan to change the furnace filter every.

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The four-bedroom brick house includes energy-eating creature comforts, such as a steam room and an extra-large washer and dryer. said David Johnston, a Colorado consultant and co-author of "Toward.

Protect your home by cleaning your dryer vent. Annual Dryer Vent Maintenance . We recommend having dryer vents cleaned once a year to reduce your risk of a house fire. Improving Efficiency in Your Dryer . Not only will your home be safer, but your dryer will also operate more efficiently with a clean vent.

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Inspect the rear of the dryer and ensure that the was not pushed in too far, resulting in the dryer duct being crushed. This condition would also slow air flow and create a lint trap.

There is no single magic machine that can test your home for every possible problem so doing a little safe detective work before calling an expert will save time and money and. while these things.

Your dryer is hot to touch. It is normal for the dryer to feel warm after a cycle. But if you notice that it becomes extremely hot to touch, it is a clear sign that your dryer vent is not exhausting properly or your dryer is overworked. A burning smell. Dryer vents are designed to push hot air out. Because lint is extremely flammable, it can be.

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